Survival in the Female Tribe


July 2016 Survival in the Female Tribe by Gia Dalton OM Living page 62

Survival in the Female Tribe : Praisers, Critics, and Validation  

by Gia Dalton

“Why is it that some women are always the ones giving compliments and praise, while others find fault and make harsh irrational judgments?

In an instant, we can put a face to the praisers in our lives, as well as the judges and critics. Then there are those who fall into the category of passive. They say nothing, good, bad or indifferent. Our friends become mentors, helping us navigate through life. They tell us harsh truths and realities. Hence, these are the kind of things we may not want to hear or admit.

Much of what we feel about ourselves is attached to what other people think. In turn, we crave attention and validation, thinking we need it to survive. Perhaps we weren’t validated as children. Perhaps, we pose as self-assured, alluding confidence. That is only partially true, as deep inside we do not always feel that way. “ read more

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