Somewhere Over the Rainbow


January 2017 E Edition Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Gia Dalton OM Living page 50Somewhere Over the Rainbow                                                                                                                          by Gia Dalton

Somewhere Over the Rainbow                                                          by Gia Dalton

“We all have dreams, which include thinking about what life will be like down the road. How much happier we will be when we get our degree, car, home or move to a new location. We continuously look over the rainbow, as it seems much more appealing than where we are, and what we have now.

Understanding it will take hard work, commitment, perseverance and often sacrifice we adjust our daily routine. Instead of going out for coffee we make one at home. We cut coupons, shop frugally, and do not accept every invitation to dine out or attend social gatherings. Instead of going on vacation, we save. We work extra hours or take a part time job in addition to working a full time one. At night, we grab something to eat, shower, get a few hours of sleep and wake up, only to do it all over again.” read more