Somewhere Over the Rainbow


January 2017 E Edition Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Gia Dalton OM Living page 50Somewhere Over the Rainbow                                                                                                                          by Gia Dalton

Somewhere Over the Rainbow                                                          by Gia Dalton

“We all have dreams, which include thinking about what life will be like down the road. How much happier we will be when we get our degree, car, home or move to a new location. We continuously look over the rainbow, as it seems much more appealing than where we are, and what we have now.

Understanding it will take hard work, commitment, perseverance and often sacrifice we adjust our daily routine. Instead of going out for coffee we make one at home. We cut coupons, shop frugally, and do not accept every invitation to dine out or attend social gatherings. Instead of going on vacation, we save. We work extra hours or take a part time job in addition to working a full time one. At night, we grab something to eat, shower, get a few hours of sleep and wake up, only to do it all over again.” read more 

Waiting for the Green Flash


October 2016 B Edition Waiting for the Green Flash by Gia Dalton Personal Growth page 90

Waiting for the Green Flash

by Gia Dalton

“Most of us have heard of the elusive green flash. The optical phenomena that prompt people from around the world to stand seaside facing the sun. With eyes transfixed on the horizon, we wait to catch a glimpse of the green rays that suddenly shoot outward from the upper rim of the sun. Legends say that once a person has witnessed it, they will never go wrong with matters of the heart again. No wonder so many long to see one.

What if waiting to see a green flash in hopes of being magically exempt from heartache is nonsense? Nothing more than a legend, and waiting for anything actually prohibits us from living today?

Can waiting for “true love” turn into a quest akin to waiting for a green flash? It can get lonely stuck in a perpetual state of waiting, whether its waiting for a green flash, or true love. Yet, adamantly, many of us refuse to settle for anything or anyone less than our elusive and mysterious special occurrence!

Returning day after day at sunset, feet firmly planted in the sand, eyes fixed on the sun, we patiently wait for our infamous love…the green flash. Finally, on a seemingly ordinary day, it arrives, and the vision is extraordinary. A wave of reassurance rushes through our body, filling the space where doubt once lived. Our spirits renewed. Matters of the heart from this day forward will be perfect.”  read more 

Waiting for the Green Flash by Gia Dalton

Waiting for the Green Flash by Gia Dalton


Survival in the Female Tribe


July 2016 Survival in the Female Tribe by Gia Dalton OM Living page 62

Survival in the Female Tribe : Praisers, Critics, and Validation  

by Gia Dalton

“Why is it that some women are always the ones giving compliments and praise, while others find fault and make harsh irrational judgments?

In an instant, we can put a face to the praisers in our lives, as well as the judges and critics. Then there are those who fall into the category of passive. They say nothing, good, bad or indifferent. Our friends become mentors, helping us navigate through life. They tell us harsh truths and realities. Hence, these are the kind of things we may not want to hear or admit.

Much of what we feel about ourselves is attached to what other people think. In turn, we crave attention and validation, thinking we need it to survive. Perhaps we weren’t validated as children. Perhaps, we pose as self-assured, alluding confidence. That is only partially true, as deep inside we do not always feel that way. “ read more

Survival in the Female Tribe OMTimes



All You Get Is A Watch ?

OMTimes July B 2016

OMTimes Magazine July B 2016 Edition Personal Growth & Development Page 84 All You Get Is A Watch?

All You Get is a Watch ? 

by Gia Dalton

Are You Following Your Life Purpose? 

“Someone once said that after thirty years of service the only thing they received at retirement was a watch. This conversation has been repeatedly spoken. Imagine working thirty years and feeling that a watch was the sum total of all that time and effort ? All you get is a watch…  Many people don’t even get that. They are lucky to get a party and a cake. How very sad to live a life not realized.

God did not put us on this earth for that. We may not be sure why He did put us here. But we know it isn’t  for a watch. In order to find or reveal our life purpose we need to do what we feel passionate about, not just one time, but every day. Leaps of faith and risk taking can ultimately lead us to our life purpose. Our divine destiny. Which is why it’s so important to invest time and effort in more than one direction, careful not to put all our eggs in one basket.  Are you determined to find out what your passions are? What will lead you to greater fulfillment?…”

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A Message From The Creator Of The Universe

OMTimes July A 2016

OMTimes Magazine July A 2016 Edition Page 56 A Message from the Creator of the Universe

A Message from the Creator of the Universe

by Gia Dalton

“And there it is, a big, profound message disguised as a trivial little text. This may not be the mystical, magical way we have envisioned a message from the Creator of the Universe would arrive. A message of such importance needs a grandiose entrance with trumpets and horns. Not necessarily….

Scratching our head, we wonder how in the world a text message could clearly illuminate life at that moment. Although cleverly disguised as an innocent text, it’s hardly menial. It could have been ridiculously infantile, yet oddly, divinely orchestrated to be a catalyst for tremendous change. The world stands still. We catch our breath, realizing things need to change, as years, months and moments flashed before our eyes.

Staying in a secure place, may offer a sense of stability, but we can stagnate. If you feel a calling to be more, heed that call. Messages in any form, are meant to initiate “becoming.” They are asking us to change, evolve, and grow… ”

A Message From July A 2016

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The Fine Alignment of Our Personal Truth and Soul Self

OMTimes Magazine May 1, 2016- Personal Growth page 96. The Fine Alignment of our Personal Truth and Soul Self

OMTimes Magazine May 1, 2016- Personal Growth page 96. The Fine Alignment of Our Personal Truth and Soul Self

The Fine Alignment of Our Personal Truth and Soul Self

Look for beauty. When setting out to look for the beauty in the world and daily life, remain open to witnessing the splendor and blessings of God. Once we find God, we receive peace. The fine alignment of our personal truth and soul self helps us feel empowered to live victoriously and harmoniously.

Learn Something Death Cannot Destroy

OMTimes Magazine April 2016 Cover StoryLearn Something Death Cannot Destroy 

Learn Something Death Cannot Destroy

What can you learn in life that death cannot destroy? Most people don’t want to learn about what they already know, or what they necessarily agree with. They want to be intrigued and challenged, perhaps even uncomfortable or angry. They want to learn something so profound it touches the very core of their being. It becomes part of who they are. It ignites a fire inside that cannot be denied, and death cannot destroy.

April 2016 Cover Article Pic

Spirituality page 44 Learn Something Death Cannot Destroy

Why You Should Thank Closed Doors

OMTimes Magazine January 2016 Personal Growth Page 94

Why You Should Thank Closed Doors

“Are you feeling down because a door closed that you had wished was open? Do you have difficulty letting it go? Sometimes closed doors can be your biggest break in a world of conscious change. Looking back, you may discover the closed doors were part of a greater plan and was actually designed for your highest good. Without those closed doors, you may not be where you are today or where you are meant to be tomorrow.

When you can experience closed doors as a positive that is leading you to something even better, your perception of closed doors will change. Open doors have closed doors to thank. Learn to love the doors that close as much as the one’s that remain open. When a door closes, it is an awesome opportunity for another to open. Be thankful, as the next door could lead to something even better than you had hoped for or expected.”


Blockages Be Gone ! Hello Inheritance!

OMTimes Magazine December 2015 B Edition

OMTimes Magazine
December 2015 B Edition Personal Growth page 96

Blockages Be Gone! Hello Inheritance! 

“Are you ready to get real about what’s blocking your divine inheritance? Is your intention to remove your blockages and make room for amazing abundance?

If you are feeling tired, unfilled, and misunderstood, this can be an incredible moment of positive change. Your energy will shift dramatically, followed by a sense of freedom and hope.

Starting right now, you can begin creating the space for your inheritance. Unconsciously you may have raised blockages, but you can receive those blessings with open arms. Experience a sense of freedom, and awareness as you get unapologetically real about what may be blocking your inheritance of health, wealth, and abundance. ”

OMTimes Magazine December 2015 B Edition

OMTimes Magazine
December 2015 B Edition


When Quitting is a Good Idea


OMTimes Magazine November 2015 B Edition

OMTimes Magazine November 2015 B Edition Personal Growth page 112

When Quitting is a Good Idea

“Are you unhappy? Is your life actually making you sick? Do you have a desire to resign, freeing yourself from the constant tension? Are you ready to throw in the towel and start fresh? Then, this article is for you!

You stand up, gather your belongings, and hit the door running. Making a bee line to the car, you open the door, get in, turn the ignition, and suddenly reality sets in. How will you pay your rent? Can you survive without health benefits? What will your parents say? What in the world are you thinking! Shamefully, you walk back to your office.”

OMTimes Magazine November 2015 B Edition

OMTimes Magazine November 2015 B Edition