Be the Magic

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OMTimes Magazine December 2014 Be the Magic by Gia Dalton

Be the Magic

by Gia Dalton

“Don’t you just love attending and being part of live performances? Theater, the Opera, Symphonies, Inspirational Conferences, Yoga Classes, Sporting events…why? Because something wonderful happens to the energy that fills the room. It’s magical. Every word, lyric, musical note or goal scored influences a tremendous shift in energy. If you could see it, I’m certain it would sparkle. It would dance. It would sing! What an awesome way to feel good. What better place to experience life, than emerged in the magic !

Being part of anything that is uplifting for the soul, not only lifts the spirit, but raises the collective consciousness. In the wanting of magical, spirit-lifting experiences, you will naturally gravitate towards them. You want to experience joy, happiness, and love. “ read more