Unveiling Your Hidden Truths

OMTimes Magazine   June 2015  A Edition

OMTimes Magazine June 2015 A Edition with Hugh Jackman

Unveiling Your Hidden Truths by Gia Dalton

“You have an untold story. With it, come truths you can’t tell. You know they exist, yet choose to keep them hidden, pretending they aren’t there. You hope they will suddenly go away, but they won’t. Not unless you realize everyone has them too.

But can you disclose those hidden truths? Can you put them out there once and for all? Will this empower you? Free you? A strange and wonderful thing happens when you tell your truth. You realize that you are indeed, part of a collective consciousness. As that consciousness, you are embraced – flaws and all, including your imperfections, vulnerabilities, self-loathing, and selfishness, basically all the characteristics that make you human… ”


OMTimes Magazine Unveiling Your Hidden Truths