A Message From The Creator Of The Universe

OMTimes July A 2016

OMTimes Magazine July A 2016 Edition Page 56 A Message from the Creator of the Universe

A Message from the Creator of the Universe

by Gia Dalton

“And there it is, a big, profound message disguised as a trivial little text. This may not be the mystical, magical way we have envisioned a message from the Creator of the Universe would arrive. A message of such importance needs a grandiose entrance with trumpets and horns. Not necessarily….

Scratching our head, we wonder how in the world a text message could clearly illuminate life at that moment. Although cleverly disguised as an innocent text, it’s hardly menial. It could have been ridiculously infantile, yet oddly, divinely orchestrated to be a catalyst for tremendous change. The world stands still. We catch our breath, realizing things need to change, as years, months and moments flashed before our eyes.

Staying in a secure place, may offer a sense of stability, but we can stagnate. If you feel a calling to be more, heed that call. Messages in any form, are meant to initiate “becoming.” They are asking us to change, evolve, and grow… ”

A Message From July A 2016

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